Magic powers, mysteries of ancient ruins, underground adventures
and deadly dangers are waiting for you in Cannaregio!
This town will reward those who unravel its secrets!
Are you ready?
Cannaregio is a town soaked with magic, which became a place of exile where you were sent out because of fear and envy to your innate magical abilities...
ou will learn the secrets of your past and decide whether to stay in a familiar world or go to the hidden underground catacombs, the depths of which rage with almost touchable foreboding of something momentous. Dangers lurk at every turn. Reach the most remote corners of the dungeon and establish the most unexpected contacts to unravel the web of puzzles and escape from prison!
Do you have everything you need to plunge into a mystical adventure?
Here you can...
  • Use magical abilities and draw magical symbols directly on the screen.
  • Search for items, build collections and solve puzzles.
  • Investigate two worlds: the surface and the huge ancient underground city.
  • Unravel new mysteries while moving through a branched storyline.
  • Resurrect the incredible mechanisms of the Ancients.
  • Feel the unique atmosphere of the Renaissance.